Meet Nikki at Falsterbo Yoga


Thanks for visiting my page. I am from the U.S. and around 20 years ago, while living in Miami, I began to take up an interest in Bikram’s yoga.  Later I began a self-practice on a sporadic basis while living in Sweden.



In 2007 I met Jessica Johnson who taught Ashtanga yoga. I invited her to my house to give lessons to my friends and I.  At that point I  was absolutely hooked on Astanga yoga. Soon after, I began a self-practice routine of 5 to 6 days per week, experienced incredible changes physically and mentally.

Today I have a teaching certificate in both Ashtanga Yoga and Medi Yoga. I also have a certificate in Anatomy and Physiology. In addition I have participated in work shops with Richard Freeman and Petri Räisänen, both respected Ashtanga yoga teachers.

To complement my interest in yoga I have also gained expertise in another area of passion. Today I have certificates in Natural Skin Care, Aroma Therapy and Soap Making. My focus is related to artisan, palm-free, vegan body care products.    




Visit Falsterbo Yoga


We are located on the Falsterbo peninsula,  in southern Sweden. We are surrounded by white sandy beaches and beautiful nature.



The yoga space is light, open and airy.  We have all necessary accessories to accomodate your needs.


Scheduled classes consist of Ashtanga-based yoga for different levels.  Beginners as well as intermediate yogis are challenged.  We practice safely, consciously and have lots of fun.


We also offer private classes for individuals or groups. Just make contact and we can create a schedule that suits your calendar.