"Yoga for me is a medicine. Since I started with Monique my back pain has disappeared. THANKS Monique"







"Nikkis Yoga is a very good way to learn the basic principles of yoga. We learn to breathe deeply and move our body at the same time. This way of movement helps me to discover and use the strongest part of my body"



                                                     Monica Rivera

"Nikki is a fantastic yoga teacher. At the same time a caring but also demanding teacher, always wanting to see her students develop. And with her knowledge and experience, they do develop fast. If you want to get the benefits of a good yoga class, you should sign up for Nikkis classes"


                                              Jessica Johnsson


"I have been trying yoga back and forth for several years but it was not until I met Monique that I got hooked. Yoga is a fantastic way to work out and Monique's great attitude and inspirational way always pushes me to do more, try more and accomplish more! She has motivated me to trust my body and soul to reach my goals, and my body and soul are stronger than ever!"


                                                     Sofia Bauer